Past Events

ScotDPN Virtual Teaching Event

July 2021


This event was comprised of a panel discussion and an interactive workshop. We invited panel speakers with varying levels of teaching experience, from different universities to discuss the following themes:

  • Engaging students with small group teaching- Differences in running a small group versus a large group
  • Feedback & Assessments- Feedback versus Feed-forward, extent of interaction with feedback and peer feedback
  • Roles & Responsibilities- Student mental health and how to manage that, how to facilitate inclusivity, boundaries of a tutor/lecturer
  • Importance of CPD (Continued Professional Development)- Methods to improve your teaching practices and evaluation of your work.

The workshop was to identify challenges in current teaching practices and design a research study to improve them in groups.

ScotDPN Virtual Social Event

February 2021


After a successful launch event, we organized a social event consisting of an interactive quiz and games to test our knowledge on a mixture of topics relating to developmental psychology and beyond. The event was open to anyone interested in developmental psychology across Scottish Universities.

We used the Kahoot! platform to run the quiz which could either access on the browser at or using the Kahoot! app on mobile phones. Thanks to all attendees and congrats to our quiz winner Kiyoshi!!

 ScotDPN Virtual Launch 2021

January 2021


ScotDPN was back with a bang! The year 2020 was a tough one indeed. We kick started the year 2021 with our virtual re-launch event to introduce our new organising committee, welcoming our new members and introducing our mission statement.

“Thinking Impact: Research Impact in Psychology and Beyond”

May 2019, University of Dundee


“The organisers were very organised and friendly, and the range of speakers and activities was good”

Thank you for coming to our most recent and so far most attended event on Thinking Impact: Research Impact in Psychology and Beyond in May 2019 at the University of Dundee. If you would like to get an insight of what happened then you can find out about it from our blog post “Thinking Impact”.

“Nice structure and content of great relevance. Invited speakers very relevant”

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“Knowledge Exchange & Networking Event”

March 2018, University of Stirling

Stirling event poster

“Speed networking and collaborative writing session were interactive and really engaging. I wish that was done more often at events.”

Our second Knowledge Exchange and Networking event was held in March 2018 at the University of Stirling. If you would like to get an insight of what happened then you can find out about it from our blog post “Making connections in Stirling“. Thank you to everyone who attended our event.

“[What I enjoyed the most was] Visiting the kindergarten and research facilities; the collaborative writing activity was really fruitful. It generated great ideas with my activity partner but also it was great to hear other pairs’ ideas. Very suitable venue too.”

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“Knowledge Exchange & Networking Event”

September 2017, University of Edinburgh

ScotDPN KE event_15Sept2017_m

The collaborative writing section really helped in finding common ground and creating a meaningful network. “

Our very first ScotDPN Knowledge Exchange & Networking Event was held in September 2017 at the University of Edinburgh, where the initiative was born. A big thank you to everyone who came along and supported us. As our first blog post title suggests, we believe that We rocked it! and because of this, we continued to spread our ScotDPN wings.

“Light and relaxed atmosphere; comfortable to be self; allowed easy flow of ideas”

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